Informatie voor pers:
Neem contact op met info @

Belangrijke noot voor journalisten en redacties:
Wij raden journalisten aan alvorens ons te benaderen de wegwijzer voor journalisten en redactie te bekijken.

Voor filmrecensenten stellen wij graag screeners en stills beschikbaar. Ook zijn we te benaderen voor interviews over ons festival via femke[a] of maik[a]


Important note for journalists and editorials:

We encourage journalists to read the guidelines for journalists and editorials before getting in touch with us.

For film critics we offer preview copies and stills. We are also available for interviews about our festival via femke[a] or maik[a]

• offensive language and terms;
• descriptions that ridicule transgender people;
• sensationalist reference to transgender persons whose gender history has no direct bearing on the subject at hand;
• pronouns that conflict with an individual’s personal experience;
• revealing the previous names or identity of transsexual persons without their explicit permission.

Moreover, the guidelines ask journalists to bear in mind:
• the vulnerability of recently come-out transgender people;
• the need to report issues involving trans children with special care;
• the fact that there is no automatic correlation between sexual orientation and gender identity, and that the two should not be confused.